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The forward thinking nursing leaders of the Te Wahanga Rangahau Tapuhi (Nursing Research Section - NRS), NZNO had a vision that a central repository of all New Zealand nursing research should be established. This was the genesis of the NZNO New Zealand Nursing Research Index, initially published in 1983. It has been made available online since 1999 and a major update of the database was carried out in 2009. Since then new records have been regularly added by the NZNO Library, and this process will continue.


This index includes published and unpublished research that has been undertaken by New Zealand nurses on nursing from January 1999 to today and is powered by refbase, an open source database front-end for managing academic literature & citations.

Definition of Nursing Research

Research concerned with the practice of nursing, nursing education, nursing policy or nursing management.

Research is considered to be nursing research when it is:

  • Concerned with the practice of nursing as "a specialised expression of caring concerned primarily with enhancing the abilities of individuals and groups to achieve their health potential within the realities of their life situation."
  • A process of systematic inquiry, the purpose of which is to contribute to the shaping of nursing practice within its changing context.
  • Undertaken to develop knowledge and structures which will guide, validate and support nursing practice.
  • Occurs within the areas of nursing practice, nursing education or nursing policy and management.
  • Undertaken by nurses

Submitting your work

Applications to submit new research onto the index can be made by emailing