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Author (up) Mortensen, A.; White, G.E.
Title The process of destigmatisation: The work of sexual health nurses Type Journal Article
Year 2003 Publication Nursing Praxis in New Zealand Abbreviated Journal
Volume 19 Issue 1 Pages 32-39
Keywords Nursing specialties; Sexual and reproductive health; Attitude to health
Abstract The focus of this article is on the findings of a grounded theory study of sexual health nursing in New Zealand. Nurses' experiences of providing sexual health care are described and theoretical explanations generated. The emphasis in this article is on countering stigma which emerged as a recurrent problem for nurses in the study. A comparative analysis of the nurses' counter reactions with Gilmore and Somerville's (1994) model of stigmatised reactions towards people with sexually transmitted diseases was done. The model describes the processes of disidentification, depersonalisation, scapegoating, and discrimination, which characterise stigmatised reactions. Nurses' understandings of the impact of socioeconomic conditions and gender/power relations in society have an important role to play in how nurses manage care. The concept of destigmatisation, which seeks to counteract negative social attitudes, is discussed. The study showed that as a consequence of their work nurses in this study encountered professional stigma and marginalisation.
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