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Payne, D.; Goedeke, S. Holding together: Caring for clients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 645-653 details  
Spence, D.; Fielding, S. Win-win-win: Collaboration advances critical care practice 2002 Contemporary Nurse 13 223-228 details  
Farrow, T.; O'Brien, A.J. Discourse analysis of newspaper coverage of the 2001/2002 Canterbury, New Zealand mental health nurses' strike 2005 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 14 187-195 details  
O'Brien, A.J.; Hughes, F.; Kidd, J.D. Mental health nursing in New Zealand primary health care 2006 Contemporary Nurse 21 142-152 details  
Hardcastle, J. The meaning of effective education for critical care nursing practice: A thematic analysis 2004 Australian Critical Care 17 114, 116-2 details  
Heap, J. Enuresis in children and young people: A public health nurse approach in New Zealand 2004 Journal of Child Health Care 8 92-101 details  
Fielden, J. Grief as a transformative experience: Weaving through different lifeworlds after a loved one has completed suicide 2003 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 12 74-85 details  
Hardcastle, J. 'Back to the bedside': Graduate level education in critical care 2008 Nurse Education in Practice 8 46-53 details  
Tracy, C. Comparison of catheter-securing devices 2000 Urologic Nursing 20 43-46 details  
Mortensen, A.; White, G.E. The process of destigmatisation: The work of sexual health nurses 2003 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 19 32-39 details  
Hughes, F. Reconnecting with policy: Requirements for survival as a mental health nurse 2006 Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services 44 30-39 details  
Minchin, I. Advanced nursing in the operating theatre: The New Zealand perspective 2004 Dissector 32 30-35 details  
Clendon, J.; McBride, K. Public health nurses in New Zealand: The impact of invisibility 2001 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 17 24-32 details  
Mears, A. The role of the clinical nurse co-ordinator 2003 Journal of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association 6 24-25 details  
Koorey, R. Documentation of the surgical count 2007 Dissector 34 23-6,28,30 details  
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