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Anderson, M. Universal change – individual responses: women's experience of the menopause and of taking hormone replacement therapy 1998
Armstrong,S How can the medical librarian contribute to evidence-based nursing practice 1998
Beck, A. Organisational outcomes of burnout among nurses 1998
Caldwell, S. From “beloved imbecile” to critical thinker: producing the politicized nurse 1998
Calvert, I. The evaluation of the use of herbal substances in the baths of labouring women: a randomised controlled trial 1998
Calvert, S. Making decisions: focusing on my baby's well-being: a grounded theory study exploring the way that decisions were made in the midwife-woman relationship 1998
Clark, R.R. My fat arm: Living with lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer 1998
Clinical Training Agency, National review of clinical training agency funded advanced mental health nursing programme 1998
Cooper, M.A. Towards the professionalisation of New Zealand midwifery, 1840-1921 1998
Coup, A. Being safe and taking risks: how nurses manage children's pain 1998
Davenport, F.A. A descriptive study of the spiritual needs of patients with leukemia 1998
Dyson, L. The role of the lecturer in the preceptor model of clinical teaching 1998
Francis, H. Exploring continuity of wound care: a critical approach 1998
French, P. A study of the regulation of nursing in New Zealand 1901 – 1997 1998
Giddings, D.L.S.; Wood, P.J. Revealing sexuality: nurses' knowledge and attitudes. A survey of pre and post registration nursing students 1988-1991 1998 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 13 11-25