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Brown, E.F. Work-related back pain among nurses: nurses perceptions of the causative factors 1999
Burtenshaw, M.K. Characteristics and expectations of beginning Bachelor of Nursing students 1999
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Cowan, L.M. Alcohol and drug treatment for women: clinicians beliefs and practice 1999
Crowe, M. Doing what no normal woman would do 1999
Crowe, M. Mad talk: attending to the language of distress 1999 Nursing Inquiry
Davy, R. Evaluation of the impact on the quality of women who have participated in a nursing education session on menopause 1999
Delugar, A. An historical inquiry to identify the contribution Beatrice Salmon's writings made to nursing education in New Zealand, 1969-1972 1999
Dredge, A. An insider's view of professional nursing and care management of the critically ill patient 1999 Vision: A Journal of Nursing 5 13-16