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McKelvie, R. Partnership in paediatric nursing: A descriptive exploration of the concept and its practice 2001
Peach, J. The contribution of nursing to the health of New Zealand 2001
Uren, M. Nursing: A model for management: Why nurses are well equipped to be leaders of the future? 2001
Tucakovic, M. Nursing as an aesthetic praxis 2001
Grayson, S. Nursing management of the rheumatic fever secondary prophylaxis programme 2001
Hill, N. A shared revelation: A comparative, triangulated study on improving quality of life in the terminally ill 2001
Rydon, S.E. Attitudes, skills and knowledge of mental health nurses: The perception of users of mental health services 2001
Hamilton, C. Nursing care delivery 2001
Barton, J. Pain knowledge and attitudes of nurses and midwives in a New Zealand context 2001
Schumacher, A.T. More than meets the eye: Explicating the essence of gerontology nursing 2001
Andrews, C.M. Developing a nursing speciality: Plunket Nursing 1905 – 1920 2001
Cullens, V. Not just a shortage of girls: The shortage of nurses in post World War 2 New Zealand 1945-1955 2001
Stolz-Schwarz, P. Barriers to and facilitators of research use in clinical practice for a sample of New Zealand registered nurses 2001
Rowe, W. An ethnography of the nursing handover 2001
Herd, C.M.F. Is it a dangerous game? Registered nurses' experiences of working with care assistants in a public hospital setting 2001