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Tabakakis, Costantinos; McAllister, Margaret; Bradshaw, Julie Burnout in New Zealand resgistered nurses: the role of workplace factors 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 9-16
Briscoe, Jeanette; Harding, Thomas Promoting the use of the SOAP (IE) documentation framework in medical nurses' practice 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 17-23
Wynne-Jones, Jacqui; Martin-Babin, Margot; Hayward, Brooke; Villa, Luis Patient safety leadership walk-rounds: lessons learrned from a mixed-methods evaluaion 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 24-33
Rhodes, Johanna Students' perceptions of participating in educational escape rooms in undergraduate nursing eduction 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 34-41
Field, Jenny; McClunie-Trust, Patricia; Kearney, Celine; Jeffcoat, Jane Language and communication: a vital component of health for people with refugee backgrounds 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 42-49
Taylor, Peta; Josland, Heather; Batyaeva, Natalia Literature review: the case for appointing Parkinson's Disease nurse specialists 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 50-57
Ellison, Janine Registered nurse turnover in the acute setting 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 58-60
Corner, Kathy Perceptions of Indian IQNs transitioning into a bachelor of nursing programme in New Zealand 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 61-62
Sharma, Mona An exploration of the experiences of registered nurses working in aged residential care facilities regarding interRAI: A qualitative research design 2020 125 p.
Kussmaul, Joerg An investigation of occupational health and safety workplaces and working conditions in comparison to nursing care quality in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) in New Zealand 2020 270 p.
Eton, Sarah Jane Clinical handover from the operating theatre nurse to the post anaesthetic care unit nurse: a New Zealand perspective 2020 125 p.
Frost, Celine Elizabeth After mastectomy -- inpatient experience of women in New Zealand: A qualitative study 2020 199 p.
Chandler-Knight, Eden Poster[sic]Bullying in mental health inpatient nursing 2020 78 p.