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McBride-Henry, K.; Foureur, M. A secondary care nursing perspective on medication administration safety 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 58-66 details  
McCloskey, B.A.; Diers, D. Effects of New Zealand's health reengineering on nursing and patient outcomes 2005 Medical Care 43 1140-1146 details  
Koorey, R. Documentation of the surgical count 2007 Dissector 34 23-6,28,30 details  
Lim, Anecita Gigi; North, Nicola; Shaw, John Nurse prescribing : the New Zealand context 2014 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 30 18-27 details  
Winters, Rosie; Neville, Stephen Registered nurse perspectives on delayed or missed nursing cares in a New Zealand hospital 2012 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 28 19-28 details  
McBride-Henry, K.; Foureur, M. Medication administration errors: Understanding the issues 2006 Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing 23 33-41 details  
Smillie, A. Historical investigations: Risk management in a New Zealand hospital, 1888-1904 2006 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 22 33-38 details  
Hughes, M.; Farrow, T. Invisible borders: Sexual misconduct in nursing 2005 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 21 15-25 details  
Horsburgh, M.; Merry, A.; Seddon, M.; Baker, H.; Poole, P.; Shaw, J.; Wade, J. Educating for healthcare quality improvement in an interprofessional learning environment: A New Zealand initiative 2006 Journal of Interprofessional Care 20 555-557 details  
Warren, B.L. Intramuscular injection angle: Evidence for practice? 2002 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 18 42-51 details  
Smythe, E. Uncovering the meaning of 'being safe' in practice 2003 Contemporary Nurse 14 196-204 details  
Evans, S. Silence kills: Challenging unsafe practice 2007 Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand 13 16-19 details  
Wynne-Jones, Jacqui; Martin-Babin, Margot; Hayward, Brooke; Villa, Luis Patient safety leadership walk-rounds: lessons learrned from a mixed-methods evaluaion 2020 Kai Tiaki Nursing Research 11 24-33 details  
McBride-Henry, K.; Foureur, M. Organisational culture, medication administration and the role of nurses 2006 Practice Development in Health Care 5 208-222 details  
Blair, K.M. Recognising the sick patient: An emergency nurses view: A research paper 2006 details  
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