Quick Search

   Quick Search provides an easy way to search for words or phases in the main fields of the database. Use the pull-down list to limit your search to a specific field.

Simple and Advanced Search

   Simple and Advanced Search provide additional additional levels of control over search cirteria in the main and all database fields respectively.

Results Display

   The main fields of your search results are displayed in a List sorted by Author. To change the order your results are displayed, click on the relevant heading of the list. To see more details of a particular item in the list, click on the Magnifying Glass icon in the Link column to see the detailed view including the document abstract.

Goto Web Link

   Where further information is available regarding an article or literature listed in the database on an external site elsewhere on the web (eg university archive), a Goto Web icon is displayed in the Links column of the result list. Clicking on this icon will open a window on the external site's related reference.

Refining Your Search

   Once your search results are listed, you can click on the Search and Display Options link above the results list to display options to search for items within your currently returned list. This section also has options to allow you to change which fields are displayed in the list.

Printing Your Results

   You can print the result list or detail view by clicking the Printer icon. This will reformat the page into a form that is easy to print via your browser's print option.

Exporting Citations

   Click on the Cite and Export Options link at the bottom of your results list to enable saving your search results to your PC in a common citation format for later use. The Save Citatation dropdown allows selecting one of several common formats including RTF (Word), PDF, HTML etc. Click the Save button and select a location on your machine to save the resulting file.