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Blockley, Colette; Alterio, Maxine Patients' experiences of interpersonal relationships during first time acute hospitalisation 2008 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 24 p16-26. details  
Blue, R.G. A new net goes out fishing: options for change within the public health nursing service 1995 details  
Blunden, Jenna; Poulsen, Michelle Answering the call: Academic nurse educators returning to practice on the eve of COVID-19 2021 Nursing Praxis in Aotearoa New Zealand 37 30-33 details   url
Boddy, J.M. An ethnography of caring and control in an acute psychiatric unit 1992 details  
Boddy, J.M. Career development and job satisfaction of registered nurses practising in community settings 1976 details  
Bogati, Rubina; Pirret, Alison Loneliness among older people living in long-term care settings in a metropolitan city in Aotearoa New Zealand 2021 Nursing Praxis in Aotearoa New Zealand 37 24-34 details   url
Bogossian, F.; Cooper, S.; Kelly, M.; Levett-Jones, T.; McKenna, L.; Slark, J.; Seaton, P. Best practice in clinical simulation education -- are we there yet? A cross-sectional survey of simulation in Australian and New Zealand pre-registration nursing education 2018 Collegian 25 327-334 details  
Bolitho, S.; Huntington, A.D. Experiences of Maori families accessing health care for their unwell children: A pilot study 2006 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 22 23-32 details  
Booher, J. Professional practice models: Shared governance and magnet hospitals 2003 Vision: A Journal of Nursing details   url
Booher, J. Care of the patient following coronary artery grafts 2003 Vision: A Journal of Nursing 10 15-18 details   url
Booth, W. Towards partnerships in praxis 1997 details  
Bowen-Withington, Julie Emerging discourses shaping high-fidelity simulation as an education platform in Aotearoa New Zealand pre-registration nursing education: A Foucauldian discourse analysis 2022 311 p. details   url
Bowen-Withington, Julie; Zambas, Shelaine; Cook, Catherine; Neville, Stephen Integration of high-fidelity simulation into undergraduate nursing education in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia: an integrative literature review 2020 Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 36 37-50 details   url
Boyd, L. “It could have just as easily been me”: Nurses working in mental health services who have experienced mental illness 2001 details  
Boyd, M.E. Advancing nursing knowledge: The experience of a nurse working with dying people in a highly remote rural area 2005 details  
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