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O'Brien, A.P.; Boddy, J.M.; Hardy, D.J.; O'Brien, A.J. Clinical indicators as measures of mental health nursing standards of practice in New Zealand 2004 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 13 778-788 details  
Payne, D.; Goedeke, S. Holding together: Caring for clients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 645-653 details  
Harding, T.S. The construction of men who are nurses as gay 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 636-644 details   url
Spence, D. Hermeneutic notions illuminate cross-cultural nursing experiences 2001 Journal of Advanced Nursing 35 624-630 details  
Gagan, M.J.; Boyd, M.; Wysocki, K.; and Williams, D.J. The first decade of nurse practitioners in New Zealand: A survey of an evolving practice 2014 Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 26 612-619 details   url
Carter, H.; MacLeod, R.; Brander, P.; McPherson, K. Living with a terminal illness: Patients' priorities 2004 Journal of Advanced Nursing 45 611-620 details  
Horsburgh, M. Graduate nurses' adjustment to initial employment 1987 Journal of Advanced Nursing 14 610-617 details  
Rydon, S.E.; Rolleston, A.; Mackie, J. Graduates and initial employment 2008 Nurse Education Today 28 610-619 details  
van Rooyen, P.; Dixon, D.A.; Dixon, G.; Wells, C.C. Entry criteria as predictor of performance in an undergraduate nursing degree programme 2006 Nurse Education Today 27 593-600 details  
Gage, J.; Everrett, K.D.; Bullock, L. A review of research literature addressing male partners and smoking during pregnancy 2007 Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing 36 574-580 details   url
van Wissen, K.A.; Litchfield, M.; Maling, T. Living with high blood pressure 1998 Journal of Advanced Nursing 27 567-574 details  
Clendon, J. Nurse-managed clinics: Issues in evaluation 2003 Journal of Advanced Nursing 44 558-565 details  
Giddings, D.L.S.; Roy, D.E.; Predeger, E. Women's experience of ageing with a chronic condition 2007 Journal of Advanced Nursing 58 557-565 details  
Horsburgh, M.; Merry, A.; Seddon, M.; Baker, H.; Poole, P.; Shaw, J.; Wade, J. Educating for healthcare quality improvement in an interprofessional learning environment: A New Zealand initiative 2006 Journal of Interprofessional Care 20 555-557 details  
Cook, N.; Phillips, B.N.; Sadler, D. The Tidal Model as experienced by patients and nurses in a regional forensic unit 2005 Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing 15 536-540 details  
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